In the era of stable wealth growth, our spiritual and cultural lives have become increasingly diversified. Content consumption has been a crucial part of our lives. Consumers can be indecisive when having to make choices through a massive amount of content, and this situation can well reflect their underlying values.

As per Qianji's point of view, of all those choices made from a huge content base — movies, TV series and online shows – we believe each is driven by key consumer values. We help to decode these audiences and their content consumption habits. This is our mission and passion.

Integration of Big Data and Anthropology
·Utilizing big data, we can track the content consumption history of every online audience. Based on the findings, we analyze and identify his or her typical content consumption patterns.
·Utilizing anthropological technique, we decode these patterns and deep dive into the underlying values.

In-depth Audience Persona Based on Content Consumption Behavior

Combining big data and cultural anthropology methods, we collect and track the content consumption history of online audiences, deep dive into their values and demands, and help brands to craft and dive into their target audiences.
Content Consumption Trends

Do you wonder which types of movies, TV series or TV programs will become popular in China and how can they fulfill and satisfy the demands of your audiences? We will help you find out.
QIANJI Content Popularity Index

“Qianji Index”can forecast and compare the popularity of your alternative content, help with your content selection and ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of your content sourcing.

Consumers are undergoing rapid changes nowadays, and is crucial to understand that innovation is the key to the success of your brand. Qianji keeps up with the trends of content consumption, while constantly optimizing and developing better solutions to help you learn about the latest content demands of consumers, keeping you at the forefront of these trends.

Accuracy, in-depth insights and exclusivity, these are the values of Qianji. We will bring this knowledge to your business and help you to achieve success.

“Alchemy” in daily life
Our original solution Cultural Big
Data combines ethnography with
data mining.
Our Thinking
We believe that a global perspective
paired with a local sensibility is
needed in order to solve business
problems in today’s global market.